Analogue Monsta 'BOOM' CD

Analogue Monsta 'BOOM' CD

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This eclectic pair, made up of Suzi Analogue and TOKiMONSTA, is a duo of rank. Their collective background of hip-hop, psych rock, R&B and electronic has blown both minds and speakers alike. By pairing radio accessibility with radical thinking they've managed to created a classic with a twist hybrid that landed their very first single, NXT MSG on BBC Radio 1. (CDl)

***Includes bonus Analogue Monsta 'Boom' CD with purchase***

1. 1st Boom
2. Nxt Msg (Deletion Mix)
3. 2nd Boom
4. Conversion Theory
5. Time To
6. 3rd Boom
7. So Ridiculous
8. Collection Plate
9. 4th Boom
 10. Mind Of
11. Push On